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Sunwise Capital, a Florida based finance company providing business finance and cash flow solutions to small businesses, recognized for excellence in service to business owners has partnered with 3SixtyDegree to provide you with a market leading performance-advertising campaign. Performance advertising is simple; you receive large earnings for promoting high quality, unique products or services to your audience.

September 1, 2015 – According to the White House Small Business Agenda and National Small Business Association, there are over 24 million small businesses in America. According to the White House and NSBA, each year more than 10 million businesses seek funding and each year more than 7 million do not receive it. Moreover, Banks and Lenders will pull some 2.7 trillion in outstanding credit lines. A blizzard of government regulations and a host of economic issues, have left many small businesses on the edge of insolvency. Chief among the economic pressures facing the industry is a dwindling supply of traditional bank funding.

3Sixty Degree, a global marketing solutions firm, recognizes excellence in service to the small business community in a number of business disciplines including real estate, insurance, accounting, banking, financial and legal services. The 3SixtyDegree program receives support from an elite group of national companies, each considered among the best in their business category. In recognition of their work with the small business community, Sunwise Capital, a Florida based company providing finance and cash flow solutions to small businesses, has been recognized by 3SixtyDegree as their official national business partner for funding solutions.

The 3Sixty Degree program provides an online resource center where marketing professionals can offer a market leading performance-advertising campaign. “Affiliates, independent reps, bloggers and SEO, PPC and email marketing specialists are always seeking a way to leverage their time,” observed Michael Brock, Project Manager of 3SixtyDegree. “In the complex arena of small business funding and cash flow management that exists today small business owners need an industry leader with a broad range of services that can help them establish, grow and optimize their business enterprise. As their name suggests, Sunwise Capital guarantees to maximize income and minimize headaches for a nationwide client base that ranges from restaurants to construction medical practices as small as the solo practitioner.”

3SixtyDegree national business partners are selected for their commitment to serving the small business industry. They often work in close concert with community-based professionals who in turn help their area small businesses build a financially sound business.

“Running a business is hard work. Getting financing shouldn’t be,” observed Mark Kane, Co-founder of Sunwise Capital ( “We are proud of the recognition we have received. Our performance-based and asset based funding model makes fair financing available to millions of well-run businesses that just miss the cut for traditional bank loans. We analyze the volume of cash flow in a client’s business, which we believe is a better indicator of their financial health than its credit rating. This allows us to lend to businesses that would otherwise be locked out of fairly priced capital.”


We launched in 2005 to solve a major issue facing small businesses: getting money. As owners of a fledgling business doing $18M in annual revenue, we were unable to access the financing we needed to continue to grow. So we combined our passion for being a small business owner who lived in the trenches with the latest technology to evaluate businesses based on their actual performance, not personal credit. We understand the challenges of building a business through equity, debt and off-balance sheet financing, maintaining cash flow, making payroll, business expansion and inventory/equipment management.

That’s enabled us to say, “yes” more often and faster than traditional lenders. And that lets owners spend their time where it should be—on growing their business, not seeking financing.


Each year the 3SixtyDegree designation recognizes a diverse group of professional service providers. 3SixtyDegree can be found at If you're completely new to performance advertising then we can provide you with free tutorials and help on how to be successful. If you're an experienced marketer then you will love our state-of-the art technology platform, our rich suite of creatives, and our real-time reporting capabilities. You might also be able to negotiate a custom insertion order with us to better fit your requirements.

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Chris Nastrini
Partner, VP Sales and Operations

In a world and industry where people do not operate ethically, is the one network that I believe to be honest, and who has one goal in mind...A mutual business relationship where all parties benefit.

Tim Shields
President of ClearNexus

3sixtydegree.comk is an innovative business affiliate network that understands the financial needs of business owners. They bring passion and focus to their operation and their approach to business relationships motivate their business partners to find ways to improve.

Rich Keller
Web Developer/Marketing

Having worked with for over the past several years on a multitude of offers, one way to describe what they do as an affiliate network is how they make it easy. Management routinely takes on affiliate programs other companies would dedicate entire teams to, and simply makes things happen sooner and with greater success.

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