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We personally spent some close to $10 million over a five-year period risking our own money purchasing leads. Some of the leads were good and some just flat out sucked (pardon our directness). As a result we decided to try really hard to do things just a bit differently.

We have a deep understanding of the markets and understand how critical it is to get what you pay for. That is why we are very sensitive to ROI and working with individuals that care about what happens. Our commitment is to your success while providing the consumer the best possible experience.

Our expertise

Our expertise, developed over the past 20 years in the trenches providing marketing solutions to businesses online, locally and globally. We partner with clients, learn about their businesses and provide a complete set of ethical Internet marketing services that achieve online promotion and sales results. We actively help companies create and implement dynamic Internet marketing strategies that empower their business websites to communicate effectively with their customers. Effective website communication increases traffic to the website which in turn increases sales, thereby helping the business become more efficient and profitable.


Internet marketing services include responsibility for assuring high quality and accurate internet web sites that appeal to customers, prospects, business partners, the media and employees.

Testimonial Clients Testimonial


Chris Nastrini
Partner, VP Sales and Operations

In a world and industry where people do not operate ethically, 3sixtydegree.com is the one network that I believe to be honest, and who has one goal in mind...A mutual business relationship where all parties benefit.

Tim Shields
President of ClearNexus

3sixtydegree.comk is an innovative business affiliate network that understands the financial needs of business owners. They bring passion and focus to their operation and their approach to business relationships motivate their business partners to find ways to improve.

Rich Keller
Web Developer/Marketing

Having worked with 3sixtydegree.com for over the past several years on a multitude of offers, one way to describe what they do as an affiliate network is how they make it easy. Management routinely takes on affiliate programs other companies would dedicate entire teams to, and simply makes things happen sooner and with greater success.

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C2 Funding LLC
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Phone (North America)
Office: 561.381.3121
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